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Mommy Reflective Diaper Bag

With reinforced straps, an anti-theft pocket, insulated pouches, and premium alloy zippers, you will love the convenience and comfort of your new Mommy Reflective Diaper Bag.



  • The thermally insulated pockets have enough room for two feeding bottles.  Built-in aluminum foil is perfect for thermal insulation.
  • The most attractive feature of this baby bag is the reflective stripe on both side pockets and the reflective dots on the front section. If an insufficient light area or in shadow, when the reflective tapes are in the exposure of hard light, they will be shining to warn the location where parents are. It is safer and very cool for mom or dad to wear it.
  • The special designs of a diaper backpack make it convenient to take a paper napkin or wipes whenever it's needed. 
  • The back zipper pocket of the diaper tote bag is designed to put private things, like cell phones or wallets. 
  • Durable reinforced straps and bartack stitching workmanship used in the processing provides an extra guarantee on the durability of shoulder straps.
  • Stroller straps make it easy enough to hang a nappy bag neatly on the stroller.


Only the Pine Grey bag is not reflective and has a USB charging function.


Mommy Reflective Diaper Bag